Pharmaceutical Intermediate & API sourcing:

The backbone of our growth has been sourcing of Pharmaceutical Intermediates & APIs in a cost and time efficient manner for our clients. With strong partnerships with suppliers globally, we have fostered our growth in line with that of our clients.

We believe that we can achieve consistent growth only if our strong sourcing helps in the growth of our clients’ business.

Registration & DMF support:

We help ambitious companies register their products in the Indian market. Our experience and relationships with key individuals in the market ensures a smooth and efficient drug registration.

RLDs/Innovator Samples:

What started as an initial idea has now turned into one of our main businesses. In a short time we have seen an exponential growth in the RLDs/Innovator Samples market in India, with also having entered the European & ROW market. Our hard-work and intense study of the RLDs industry dynamics has put us in good stead to help our customer solve their sourcing needs – no matter how tough or restricted the product (we can source newly approved drugs from the market) – due in part to our relationships with key wholesalers/distributors & manufacturers in the global markets.

Our RLDs services include:
  • Sourcing of RLDs/Innovator Samples/Comparators
  • Lot specific & high volume multiple lot sourcing of RLDs
  • Strong & competitive sourcing of specialty, controlled, REMs & narcotic drugs; all sourced through legal channels to ensure smooth execution
  • Cold chain & temperature controlled shipping globally
  • Access to Orphan Drugs & other Rescue Medications for emergency supply
  • We have access to all varieties of drugs including: Tablets, Capsules, Vials, Injectibles, Medical Devices, Creams, Powders, Gels, Diluents, etc.
  • We even help clients source Phase I-IV quantities of drugs direct from manufacturer while maintaining client confidentiality